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Saturday, July 4, 2009

[VFX]- Nuke seminar@Tokyo 1st July

Attended Nuke complimentary seminar@Tokyo 1st July

Presenter: Matt Plec from The Foundry

2 hour seminar
-introduction of Nuke
-explanation of Nuke roadmap (Nuke6&X6)
-user's examples ("I, robot", "Mummy 3" etc.)

3D camera tracking in Nuke X6 attracted me so much.
It can save hours to match CG with live action and composite them.

I asked Matte that if I could track a footage in 3D space with Nuke and export the data to other 3D or composite software so that I can go back and forth.
The answer is yes...but it's not easy way right now because Nuke can import FBX file but CANNOT export as FBX.
The only way to export the tracked data from Nuke is save it as text data and convert it by yourself.
Matte suggested me use converter called MoCon.

other source: Exporting to Your Animation Package

Nuke Personal Lerning Edition is available.

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