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Friday, September 18, 2009

Siggraph 2009@New Orleans report (edited)

Siggraph 2009 report (edited)

I joined Siggraph 2009@New Orleans from 3rd Aug-6th Aug.

Siggraph Trip@New Orleans 2nd-7th Aug 2009

Below are what I joined.

------3rd Aug------
[Production Session]
-Building Benjamin Button: A Blending of “Technique-ologies”
presented by Digital Domain

how they came up with the idea of creating CG head of Benjamin Button.
At Daily, they discussed what was wrong with the CG head and some shots were fixed hundred times.

[Emerging Technologies]
visited several booths.

"Making It Move"
-Geometric Fracture Modeling in “Bolt”
-Simulating the Balloon Canopy in “Up”

(Outside Convention Center)
-Nuke User Group

------4th Aug------

-visited several booths. got Pixar's Teapod!
-watched Psyop's presentation@Autodesk booth

Siggraph Trip@New Orleans 2nd-7th Aug 2009

Watched Psyop's automobile commercial making.
Composited with flame. Lots of RGB pass were created to adjust details.
You can view live movie here

[Birds of Feather]
-Motion Graphics BOF

I gave a presentation of my reel.

[Production Session]
-Robots, Cyborgs, and the Final Frontier: An Inside Look at “Transformers:
Revenge of the Fallen”, “Terminator Salvation”, and “Star Trek”
by ILM

combination of huge amount of footage- smoke, stunt guy, actor, outside location, studio, etc.
importance of planning
shoot as much as you can

-"Making Pixar’s “Partly Cloudy”: A Director’s Vision" by Pixar
listened at Geek Bar

Siggraph Trip@New Orleans 2nd-7th Aug 2009

Geek Bar was useful.
There are 6 projectors showing the different lectures in real time.
You borrow the remote audio player with earphone, channel it to listen to the lecture.

"Taking Care of Your Pet"

-"Hatching an Imaginary Bird" by Pixar
-"Rhino-Palooza: Procedural Animation and Mesh Smoothing" by Disney
-"It’s Good to be Alpha" by Disney

[Computer Animation Festival]

[Birds of Feather]
-Tokyo ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter Party

------5th Aug------
-From Pitchvis to Postvis: Integrating Visualization Into the Production Pipeline by ILM, Disney, Sony Pictures Imageworks, etc.

introduction of ILM's previs software
[simulation of hand-held camera movement]
play previs movie on projector, shoot the movie with camera. camera movement is transportable to maya


"Two Bolts and a Button"

-The Light Kit: HDRI-Based Area Light System for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” by Digital Domain
-Interactive Lighting of Effects Using Point Clouds In “Bolt” by Disney
-Composite-Based Refraction for Fur and Other Complex Objects on “Bolt” by Disney

made HDR image's keylight adjustable for artistic purpose.
didn't use magical new technology
[Bolt-Rhino's ball]
rendered lots of pass to simulate reflection, refraction, distortion etc in Shake.
refraction was rather hard to simulate but this time was thin layered ball so things worked well.

------6th Aug------
"Effects Omelette"

-Concurrent Monoscopic and Stereo- scopic Animated Film Production by Disney
-Pushing Tailoring Techniques To Reinforce “Up” Character Design by Pixar
-The Net Effect: Simulated Bird-Catching in “Up” by Pixar
-Destroying the Eiffel Tower: A Modular FX Pipeline by Digital Domain

EVERY parts of Eiffel Tower was modeled, not mapped.
The tower was too big to save as one file so saved parts by parts.

[BioLogic Art]

[Production Session]
-“Coraline”: The Changing Face of Animation by Laika.Inc. and Objet Geometries Inc.

[FJORG! & GameJam! Ceremony]

[Computer Animation Festival]
-Evening Theater

enjoyed movies with lots of people...thought computer animation was such a fun.

goods I got from booths
Siggraph Trip@New Orleans 2nd-7th Aug 2009

It was first time for me to attend Siggraph and very interesting and inspiring.
I'm going to join Siggraph Asia 2009@Yokohama, where I live.

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