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Sunday, December 13, 2009

[After Effects]- Tips-Three examples of using Guide Layer

Tips- Three examples of using Guide Layer

I often use Guide Layer feature in After Effects but found out it's not that much popular among other After Effects least users around me.
So, I'll give three examples hoping you get the idea about this feature.

You can use Guide Layer as....

1. guide in pre-composition

Guide layer is not rendered. In addition, not visible in parent composition.

Say, in this example, you want to add Drop Shadow for all arrow layers but still want to view white path in pre-composition so that you can adjust the position of arrow layers.
All you need to do is copy the white path layer to pre-composition and set that as Guide Layer.
The detail is shown in image.

Instead, you can simply add Drop Shadow for pre-composition in parent composition. The white path in pre-composition is invisible in parent composition anyway.

2. (very) noticeable memo for yourself or other user who uses your project file

3. original title/action safe

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