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Monday, February 8, 2010

[After Effects]-a bug using Trapcode Particular

I faced a bug with Trapcode Particular and posted question to Support forum here.
I summarize the question and response hoping this could be helpful for people who face similar problem.

According to Peder Norrby (Trapcode), this could be a bug of After Effects or Particular.
Particles are visible in less than half resolution, but are not visible partly or totally in full resolution

[Cause](response from Trapcode)
The coordinates of Emitter Position are too big to be handled in full resolution

[Resoltion](response from Trapcode)
Move every Emitter Position closer together
Change Emitter Type to Light (Light doesn't have this problem)
After Effects CS4
Trapcode Particular v1.5.1 and v2


  1. YOU SIR!!! just saved my bacon!!!

    this had been messing with my head for ages

    many thanks for sharing

  2. Happy to help, ben . btw I'm Mrs;)

  3. Just been toying around for ages with this same issue - however I think I've just established a 'non-bug' explanation / workaround I think:

    It could be possible that when particular samples an emitter layer/grid the resolution further down the comp chain has an impact.... My disappearing particles at full resolution returned again when I rendered out the emitter comp at half resolution, put it back into the same emitter comp and scaled it up!

    (I notice also that most of the disappearing particles were lighter shades suggesting they had some transparency from anti-aliasing perhaps on the half resolution render)

    Might not be ther real explanation but seems to be a solution =0'