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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

[Terminal]-study memo

Terminal study memo (OSX Leopard)

MACPOWER Vol.4 (アスキームック)
Terminal Tutorial (YouTube) posted by a boy who is around 12...IMPRESSIVE!

stop processing:

go to directory:
cd "directory name"

change accessibility:
chmod 666 "file or directory name"
(775-application or plugin you cannot access)

copy file:
cp -v memo.txt ~/Desktop/copy.txt

create memo:
echo "memomemomemo" > memo.txt

check system information:

find computer which can share files with windows:

network information:

running application info:

kill application:
kill "application ID"

machine usage history:

view command manual:
man "command name"

move file:
mv -v "filename" ~/"directory you want to copy"/"new file name"

text editor:
nano "file name"

open file:
open "file name"

view current directory:

delete file immediately:
rm -Rv "filename"

shutdown computer:
sudo shutdown -r now
(define exact time: ex. 0906011300)

disc fix:
fsck -y

browse keychain:
security list-keychain

view text file:
cat "filename"

clear window:

view command history:

file permission:
7/ write and read
5/ read only
0/ nothing

create zip file:
zip ./"target file name".zip ./"target file name"
note: you can add any files to existing zip file whenever you want.

unzip files
unzip "filename"

Encrypting zip file
zip -e ./"filename".zip ./"filename"
zip -re /."directory name".zip ./"directory name"

man say

view volume
ls /Volumes

make a file executable
chmod +x "file name"

open executable file with Terminal
go to directory,

go back directory
cd ..

view processing in order of cpu usage percent
top -o cpu

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