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Sunday, March 11, 2012


勉強日記:Nukeと英語を一緒に勉強してみる 英語中〜上級用



When you adjust the Multiply node to see that incoming bright pixels will be affected most by the multiplication while dark pixels pretty much stay locked down. So using in multiplication is not going to contaminate your blacks too much. Quite often you'll stumble across in multiplication in form of parameter called Gain or Exposure. In fact, let's have a look at Nuke's Exposure tool, and you'll see even though we're dealing with Fstops, printer Lights, film Densities and Cineon values now, what happens under the hood is still the same thing.

contaminate: make something impure ピュアじゃなくする
stumble across: find or encounter by chance でくわす
under the hood(in this case) inside the software ボンネットの下では=内部でやってることは



Multiplyノードでの調整は明るいピクセルが一番影響されて暗いピクセルは殆ど影響されない。 GainやExposureというパラメターで同様の計算(multiplication)をしている。NukeのExposureツールのFstopとかLightsとか色々パラメターがあるがどれを選んでもやってる計算は同じ。

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